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Oct 12 2020

WHY do you do this?

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WHY do you do this?

Do you use a spell checker when writing your resume?

You should.


How many times have we seen this? Geez, I hate to say, but more than I can care to say.


Details are important.

Do you agree?

Well, hopefully, you do because when it comes to getting a job, your paperwork needs to be on point.


So why do so many people miss the details? Yeah, I am talking about your Marketing tool.

The Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Is it because they are:

  • Not paying attention
  • In a hurry to get something out the door quickly
  • Not taking care about how things are written
  • Just don’t see the glaring mistakes?
  • English is not their first language?


  • Do they have trouble spelling and their grammar is not tuned properly?
  • Do they have trouble being detail-oriented?
  • Do they know how to market your abilities and skills?

All these issues can be fixed very easily.

If you are not that type of person that sees the details

 make the time to find someone else that can look over your paperwork and proofread it for you.


For Example: Lately, I came across a candidate looking for a job.

The resume wasn't so bad but what they had presented had so many spelling mistakes.

In fact, even the name of the boat they had worked on for two years was spelled incorrectly.


Look, we want you to know that we are here to help and guide you through this process of getting a position in the superyacht industry. Fast and easier. While putting your best assets forward. 

 But you have to be a little more detailed when it comes to selling yourself and your abilities - not your inabilities to spell.

I would say you would want to try and do your best at presenting your resume in a way that prospective employers would want to call you.

Ask friends for help, check out the online forums.

Because it is clear that you are not taking care of presenting yourself when you make blearing mistakes.  We are not going to waste our time or my clients' time in presenting you and your resume.

It is so important to use the tools that come with your document building program.


Google docs have a spell checker

Word has a spell checker

Pages have a spell checker  Use them.