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Sep 02 2018

2nd Stew 66m M/Y


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2nd Stewardess

66m Motor Yacht is looking for a strong 2nd Stewardess. Yacht is charter and private. Currently in South Florida undergoing a refit. 

The ideal candidate will have the ability to run the interior and be a strong right hand person to the Chief Stewardess.

You will have great service skills and background, be able to manager and work well with others, be a pleasant, outgoing, patient, responsible, willing to get the job done and be able to be a self starter person. Along with be a team player. 

B1/B2 required. Salary Euro 4,500 to Euro 5,000.

Any other professional skills that you have learnt would be a bonus.

If this is you or someone you know, send them and us your updated resume.. with your current situation and location.