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May 09 2021

Trilogy Luxury Training Partners with Effective Placements for Superyacht Recruitment

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It is with our gratitude that we make a wonderful announcement this month.


Before I get to that...

By being a boutique crew agency that is in the superyacht industry that provides unequaled services.

We do our best to recommend people and companies that do train crew members to the very best standards.

One of those companies in our minds ticks all the boxes.

Especially, when it comes to performing at the highest levels of training.

Most of us know the importance of training for our specific careers. Especially for those interested in the superyacht marine industry.

Whether it being interior or exterior training.

As President and owner of Effective Placements and being a South African and US citizen. It is our pleasure to partner up with the awesome people of Trilogy Luxury Training.

Of which, they are all ex luxury yacht crew with a tremendous amount of knowledge. So they are well versed in the art and skills needed for yachting on a luxury scale.

Effective Placements look forward to being a long-standing partner with Trilogy Luxury Training. By providing qualified candidates to the superyacht industry.

The training is IAMI G.U.E.S.T certified. So there are complete standards for any potential employment opportunities for crew members.

Superyacht crew in South Africa, Trilogy Luxury Training should be your first stop. Whether you are just starting out, or returning to do senior courses.

We are so pleased to be part of the Trilogy team as a preferred recruiter in the United States.


Lauren Norton, founder, and principal trainer has 12 years in the yachting industry. And has plenty of great stories that go along with her amazing training.

Danielle also a veteran of yachting for some 7 years is also providing fabulous training. Along with Laura Lander

Laura is very well known to Effective Placements & Nautic Crew International ( Former owned company). Having placed Laura quite a few times in senior positions on larger vessels in her career. She is also a veteran in yachting with over 15 years, Laura's main focus is, senior stewardess.

If you are in South Africa and would like to get in touch with the team there, here is a web link.


Should you be looking to hire new crew members, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you are looking for a new position or thinking of changing, drop us a line at


Welcome to the Effective Placements Family.