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Oct 14 2020

References on Request!


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Are References Important? Does the Recruiter need them?

A license to kill, I would need to see some references, please.


It bewilders us that we read so many resumes that have written on them “References on Request”


News Flash -  You want someone to hire you on your word, and that you are amazing and fantastic at your job? 

That could be true, but...


Reality check, those days are gone with the last generation. Too many people exaggerate their abilities.

You need to prove it with your past employers by showing your reference letters. These credentials will be verified.

Then you need to prove again by backing yourself when you get employed.


As recruiters, we are going to ask for those references, so stop beating around the bush wasting precious time, and cough them up!


Also while we are at it, we need to view your licenses, certificates along with your qualifications for the job you are seeking. All of these requirements are placed on recruitment companies for record-keeping.

Here is the thing, your reputation is on the line and so is our, with our clients.

One of our jobs is to provide them with the best service and that means verifying your employment history. 

So, that means supplying the most qualified candidates that have had their references checked

-Plain and simple


As a recruitment agent company specializing in the superyacht industry, we spend a lot of time on making sure we have the right candidate for our clients.

and their specifications in the job description...

The recruiter doesn't get paid for the work they do unless you get employed. So they want to be sure they have the right person for the job.

Here is an example of why we require your references.

In the early days of our recruiting business, we completely messed up for one of our clients. It was a terrible mistake that should not have happened. We had not had our systems sorted at this point. No excuse really.

After the captain agreed this candidate was the right candidate he made arrangements to fly them in from overseas. The candidate arrived at the boat smelling of alcohol with extreme facial jewelry. At this point, the captain was horrified that anyone would arrive at their new job looking and smelling like this. He refused to board her. Which we totally agreed with.

“ This is not the person that represented themselves on their resume" The captain stated. He purchased a flight ticket out that same day. 

Unfortunately, this person misrepresented themselves. At the cost of the agency, the captain, and the vessel owner. Resources, time, and money were lost.

To keep the faith and goodwill, we credited the flight back to his account and found an appropriate candidate. 


So you see it is very important that references be required, checked, and verified. 


Speed is essential to providing good quality services to people like yourself and our clients,  So, please don't waste time and send your references along.

Time is sensitive.