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Oct 16 2020

Mini Panther?

Image 0120: My Cat Not a Panther

"Is that a Mini Panther"? she asked.

Well, I had to keep a straight face, for fear of bursting out in laughter. I heard myself shout in my head, Seriously?

But, she was dead serious. 'No, It's a Cat" it's my cat, it looks like a panther but no, it is not a mini Panther.

I wanted to say yes with all my being. "You will have to be careful she could lunge out at you if she feels threatened".??????

Now, I have to be a little cautious here because living in Florida we actually do have Panthers.

They tend to run wild in the everglades.

Some people that do keep weird animals in their homes, like snakes, spiders, and Dragon lizards, but Panthers??

Nah, not very likely. Only if you are the Tiger King and from Oklahoma.


I can't see that happening on a yacht. Cruiseship yeah.

A friend told me that a few years ago when he was a crew member on a cruise ship that was traveling up the amazon river. A few crew had purchased Macaws and Snakes

When the vessel traveled back to civilization. Amsterdam, Holland the customs officers took all those animals off the crew. 

 Keeping animals in cages, cabins, or locked up all day in a high rise apartment is not very smart

It's wrong on so many levels. Anyway, I digress.


Yeah, back to the story.

A Mini Panther, that was what she asked. That was the question I got recently when someone came to the office.

Yeah, seriously. This person was supposed to have good intellect and switched on but... today. Not likely. 

If she was someone I knew, I would have lost it, for sure. I would have been rolling on the floor with laughter.

Of course, you can laugh at your friends when they say weird stuff. But I had to smile.

This is a real Panther Image 0118: Panther Not my Cat

Now, why did I tell you that little funny story, because it has a little lesson in it!

Not everyone sees the same thing as you and not everyone's powers of deduction are as skilled as the seasoned traveler.

So when it comes to the obvious, 99% of the time it is what it is, but it is that 1% that might throw someone else off.

Be a little tolerant when people ask questions that seem dumb to you. Because you might have a question later on that could very well be a dumb question in someone else's eyes.

You don't want to look like a dummy and be laughed at. So be kind and smile.


We don't think any question that involves your career prospects and your path to gaining willful employment through us is dumb.

So ask away.


In the meantime, stay safe and well

Linda "the Not a Mini Panther's mother' Leathart